Month: October 2016

The Measure Of A Woman

Woman is the keeper of the hearth and the home. The moral soundness of the world depends upon her, for the quality of the whole social system is determined by what she is. She can sink man to the nethermost

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A Clear Point of Reference

“Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12 If you were lost and wondering helplessly through a vast forest and someone happened

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The power of youthful vigilance is a strong force indeed. You need only watch children at play to witness the amount of energy and charisma that seems to resonate in and through them. They have energy to spare and sometimes

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“Do This In Remembrance of Me”,  Luke 22:19 There are many things I remember as I reflect back over the years of my life. Some happy, some sad, yet they are forever etched in my mind. Childhood memories of endless

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Caution vs. Worry

Once upon a time… …Two words found meaning One named Caution, The other Worry Both grew strong In definition and reading Caution with resolve, And Worry with fleeting They soon grew apart Like morning from night For Caution cannot run,

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Ponder The Day

Give pause to the day when you find it setting And remember its offerings before they are forgotten For they pass all too quickly much like a fleeting glance Leaving only emotions and memories to reminisce And although these are

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To hear a child shout, “Again!”, is not a call of monotony or bother. For how can the time be trivial, if it is spent with the full attention of his mother or father? The repetitive task of play, or

Not Yet

My travels have often taken me To diverse places and regions And I enjoy the lessons learned there that grow my faith; my knowledge; and my reason During one such trip I found myself In a tranquil East Tennessee town

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Proverbs 6:16-19 (GLC version)

There are seven things that the Lord hates, One more so than all the others… The first is a nose that always points upwards;     Second, a tongue by which lies it utters; Third, a merciless hand that kills

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Psalm 127:2

I strive for vigilance through the daily tasks Of work,     of play,         of hobby,              of vice. And though the hours are constant I cannot grasp How to do

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