A Clear Point of Reference

“Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

If you were lost and wondering helplessly through a vast forest and someone happened by and gave you a compass would you call it a godsend and rejoice because you have found your way or would you curse the giver of the gift and continue to wander aimlessly hoping to find an exit on your own?

Before you answer, consider carefully what the lost person is going through. He does not know the giver nor if he can be trusted. He has no way of knowing where he is and no way of knowing where he should be heading. Should he head north, south, east or west? All the compass can do is keep him moving in a constant direction but it cannot tell him if the direction that he is going in is the right choice.

For the Christian, the Bible is our compass. Through biblical study we learn the right course of action to take in certain circumstances. We learn to move in a given direction. But how do we know that the direction we are heading in is the correct one? Many people lose hope in the Bible not because of the stories told and the lessons learned there but because they are not first directed to Jesus Christ who is the focal point that all courses of action must be judged against.

If the lost traveler was given a compass and then told to make his heading due east and he will find an easy path to a shelter and a clear way home then he would be a fool to venture in any other direction.

Such it is with many well-meaning Christians who give a Bible to a lost soul and expect them to find there own way. Is it any wonder that so many Bibles set unopened and unused on coffee tables and bookshelves across this land? We do the lost traveler a grave injustice when we only provide half of what it is needed. We must point him to Jesus Christ who is our shelter and guide. Once Jesus is introduced, the Bible makes perfect sense. Once Jesus is acknowledge as being the destination then the biblical compass can keep the path straight and the traveler moving in the right direction.

Whether in word or in deed always make Jesus Christ the focal point.

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