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“Good morning sun, it’s good to see you.” And through its radiance and warmth, It speaks, “Likewise.” “Good-day songbird, it’s good to hear you.” And with its music and rhythm, It sings, “Likewise.” “Good-day blue sky, it’s to good to

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There is thing that is just beyond your grasp. You can see it. Your soul longs for it. You can almost touch it. If only you could extend your hand a fraction of an inch more you could draw it

Just a Man

A short while ago,     In a place near,         Near to here, Lived a common man of modest means     With his wife and family. He wasn’t born of priveledge,     He had no supernatural strength. No

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A Rainy Day Morning

Though the day be born     The clouds subdue to sunlight’s ray Though the temp be warm     The rain and wind soothes the fray. Morning has wrought     And with it brought        

Vol 4 – Same Thing … Only Different

Same thing …only different With a vacant freezer, and the addition of another rifle, the time had come to venture south once more to “bring home the bacon” …literally. This trip was similar to recent hunts in some ways, and

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The Meaning Behind Natian Concepts

Several have asked the meaning behind the word “Natian”, and why I chose it as the name of my business – Natian Concepts, LLC. Actually, there is a small story behind its meaning and I will attempt to retell it

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A Western Worldview of Prayer

I grew up hearing, “The Lord helps those that helps themselves.” I understand the premise of this oft-quoted phrase but I believe it has done more to hinder a Christ-centered prayer life than it has too help it. Primarily because,

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For Men Only

What keeps a kite in the air? Some would say the wind. Others might say that it is the structure and integrity of the kite itself. While these have a part to play, I believe that it is the string

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CAD Drawing Standards Model 101

Autodesk has a well-defined base model for establishing a drafting standard for its 2D AutoCAD© application (as well as many of its verticals). The drawing standards (DWS) file structure, in conjunction with one or more templates (DWT), enables any CAD

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A Tribute to My Big Brother

For many, Gene was a friend. For some, Gene was family. But for three privileged kids, Gene was our big brother. So if you’re wondering, “What’s so great about a big brother anyway?” well, let me give a brief glimpse

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