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CAD Drawing Standards Model 101

Autodesk has a well-defined base model for establishing a drafting standard for its 2D AutoCAD© application (as well as many of its verticals). The drawing standards (DWS) file structure, in conjunction with one or more templates (DWT), enables any CAD

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OOPS, is it an Undo or Redo?

Ever make a mistake? Have you ever made a mistake by correcting a presumed mistake? Ever made a mistake, and then corrected it, only to find out that it wasn’t a mistake after all? I think we can all relate

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16 miles east of Atlanta, GA sits the largest piece of exposed granite in the world. This monolith is amply named, Stone Mountain. The hike to the top is quite exhilarating and on a clear day the view can be

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Are you “Aligned”

As a child, and even still today, a pair of magnets can provide a few moments of pleasure as I try to push the opposing poles together or attempt to see how close one pole can get to the other

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A New Command …

In a worldview that tries to blur the lines between absolutes and relativity, it’s reassuring to find that the latter cannot negate the former. Unless, of course, you can reorder the physical universe and delineate its metaphysical attributes. Even random

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