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Vol 4 – Same Thing … Only Different

Same thing …only different With a vacant freezer, and the addition of another rifle, the time had come to venture south once more to “bring home the bacon” …literally. This trip was similar to recent hunts in some ways, and

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Vol. 5 – Be warm and well fed.

If one of you tells him, “Go in peace; stay warm and well fed,” but does not provide for his physical needs, what good is that? James 2:16 Many years ago I (as a youth sponsor and parent) accompanied my

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Vol. 2 – Off the shelf.

When I last wrote about my grand hunting adventures in the wilds of South Georgia I expounded on the mistakes of a rookie hunter and the exhilaration and adrenaline of an almost-perfect hunt. And having returned home with only an

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Vol. 3 – As luck would have it…

For those that live in my neck of the woods there are several things you don’t do unless you really mean to see it through. You don’t ask an avid golfer to go play unless you’ve got your clubs in

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Vol 1 – One for the bucket-list

Not to sound too morbid, but as I get older I tend to ponder my life expectancy more. With almost 50 trips around the sun completed I’ve come to realize that a thousand lifetimes would not be enough to encounter

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