Just a Man

A short while ago,
    In a place near,
        Near to here,
Lived a common man of modest means
    With his wife and family.
He wasn’t born of priveledge,
    He had no supernatural strength.
No silver spoon to eat from
    No prodigy of notable length.
Just a man of determined mind
    To sustain his family’s needs,
With no thought of failure
    Of wavering from his deeds.
A husband bound by covenant
    To the woman he calls his bride.
A father bound by duty
    To the children he will guide.
A man of unfaltering love
    To all he holds dear
Exemplified through his Faith
    Without excuse or drear.
Whether history remembers his name
    Is left to Providence and fate,
And the legacy he leaves behind
    At the close of each and every day.
But regardless of his fame
    He will remain steadfast
        As husband,
            As father,
                As friend,
Or foe to any threat to his task.
Just a man!
    What more to say?
Just an appreciation of him
    As I remember him this way.
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