“Good morning sun, it’s good to see you.”
And through its radiance and warmth,
It speaks, “Likewise.”
“Good-day songbird, it’s good to hear you.”
And with its music and rhythm,
It sings, “Likewise.”
“Good-day blue sky, it’s to good to be exposed to you.”
And with its depth and variations of bluish hues,
It replies, “Likewise.”
“Good afternoon clouds, it’s nice to be covered by you.”
And with its soft shade and brief respite from the day’s heat,
It whispers, “Likewise.”
“Hello earth, it’s nice to be nourished by you.”
And through it’s bounty of food and shelter,
It offers,”Likewise”
“Greetings, fresh spring and mighty river, it’s good to be refreshed by you.”
And with its quenching power,
It roars, “Likewise.”
“Good evening moon, it’s nice to know that you illuminate the night.”
And as it reflects the light of the sun,
It softly responds, “Likewise.”
Goodnight heavens, it’s good to be humbled by you.”
And with its depth and vastness,
It resounds, “Likewise.”
And as the day draws to a close I bow my head and silently speak to my God,
“Thank you for the gifts of this day.
It’s Good to know you Lord, and thanks for being my friend.”
And as I drift off to sleep I feel Him touch my soul and fill my mind with, “Likewise.”
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