The Meaning Behind Natian Concepts

Several have asked the meaning behind the word “Natian”, and why I chose it as the name of my business – Natian Concepts, LLC. Actually, there is a small story behind its meaning and I will attempt to retell it here as best as I can remember it.

Many years ago, in a simpler time before the business of western culture and the cynicism that has seemed to overtake the worldviews of many today, there lived a simple farmer who, through his meager education and skill set, attempted to carve out an existence for him and his wife. Whether by fate or providence two young boys would find themselves taken in by the farmer and would grow up under his tutelage and care. The older of the two was called Nathan and had an unyielding strength and admiration to defend those that the culture would call weak and useless. The younger lad (4 years Nathan’s junior) was called Ian and was of a strong will and would grow to become a man of sound stature through seminary training.

The farmer attempted to teach the boys the ways of the land and often sought opportunities to inject life lessons into their everyday and mundane occurrences. One day will planting he took a small seedling and asked the two boys, “What will become of this seed once it is placed in the ground?” The two provided good answers such as, “It will grow and multiply.” and, “It will provide nourishment for the community.”

While the farmer congratulated them on the answers they provided he asked another pointed question, “But what must first happen to the seed?” Before that answer could be debated the weather turned foul forcing them to alter the days chores. The question was never brought to air again and was thus left unrequited.

Soon the days turned to weeks and the months to years. Time passed quickly and both Nathan and Ian continued their life’s journey leaving the farmer’s home to pursue their predestined endeavors.

Just as the seasons changed between sowing and reaping the farmer’s seasons changed and he was eventually called to his final resting place. After the funeral service had concluded Nathan and Ian stood arm in arm in front of the newly placed headstone reminiscing the bonds of love discovered in the home of the farmer and his wife. When suddenly a rook flew down and landed on the farmer’s tombstone and looked up at the men with a bit of puzzlement about him as he cocked his head first to the left then to the right. Yet the site of the old crow wasn’t what startled them. It was that before they could shew the bird away he spoke to them by asking, “What’s the answer to the riddle?” Now it was Nathan and Ian’s turn to look perplexed and before either of them could question what they were witnessing the black bird again spoke, “What’s the answer to the riddle?” “What riddle do you speak of bird?” was Ian’s immediate response. The bird again cocked his head and looked and both of them individually and said, ”What must happen to the seed before life can spring from it?” Suddenly both men recalled that distant day in their past when they stood with the farmer and he had asked them the same question. “My friend”, replied Nathan, “the question was never rendered; thus, no answer was brought to bare. However, given the setting that we now find ourselves in I suspect that the seed must first die.”  Ian began to smile slightly as he recalled a verse from his seminary training. “Truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.” Upon hearing the answer, the old crow spread his wings and cawed, which sounded more like laughter, then took flight. As he flapped his wings to gain altitude and began to turn away, his farewell was, “Live well young seedlings that you too can one day see the good fruits of your labor.”

Nathan and Ian became more than brothers on that day and took Crow as their surname so that they would never forget the teachings and concepts of the farmer’s life, and the meaning and virtue of his death.

So, to honor these fabled characters I have combined Nathan and Ian into Natian and have created a logo resembling the crow as my trademark.

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