The Measure Of A Woman

Woman is the keeper of the hearth and the home. The moral soundness of the world depends upon her, for the quality of the whole social system is determined by what she is. She can sink man to the nethermost or raise him to the stars. A civilization signs its death warrant when she ceases to be on the side of angels. She is spiritually what she is physically – the guardian of the race, since she shapes the souls, even as she feeds the bodies of the coming generation. The “Atlas” who would sustain the world must do it on her knees. She needs the reinforcement of the unseen to keep her true to her ideals, for the world cannot live without them. It needs her tender, spiritual nature, her devotion, her faith! Her own soul must be restored constantly, that she may lift her load aloft with graceful ease.

Gladys C. Murrell
(an excerpt from Doorways To Devotion – Worship Services For Women)

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